Our Story / Nasza historia by DELM – a mini-documentary by four women artists in Connect: project

In this short film, four artists of Connect: Katowice and London share their experience of the project, and along the way, shed light on the varied sources of inspiration for their part in the collaboration. Each artist capitalises on some aspect of her life, from deeply personal childhood memories, a nation’s collective remembrance, a look at shaping onside identity inside London/British culture, to the simpler life in a remote village in Poland. Woven throughout the experience for all four women are common threads of play, exploration, sharing, and learning, as seen through the eyes of each artist’s individual puppet character, a carefully constructed stand-in for the artist herself, each acting a player in the “Wonderland of Marionettes“.

“Our Story [Nasza historia]” from [przez] D.E.L.M., a.k.a.,

Dagmara Jemioła – Hryniewicka
Ewa Kozera
Louise Wheeler
Magdalena Sierpińska


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