Connect: Katowice and London – part 2 at Rondo Gallery, Katowice, Poland

After a little more than a year, we are reaching the conclusion of Connect: Katowice and London, an important cross-cultural and cross-border international arts project between UK and Poland, which began in Spring 2016.

The primary goal of Connect: Katowice and London was to link up around 30-35 artists from both Poland and UK as a means to demonstrate through artistic collaborations the benefits of learning and communication across cultural and geographic boundaries.

To begin, the artists were arranged in around 12 small groups or pairings, and began sparking their “Connections” via email, Skype, phone, or even postal mail. After these initial contacts were made, the artists had to figure out how they would exchange ideas, and negotiate what outcome they hoped to achieve together over the next 12 months.

The first face-to-face meeting for each group came in Autumn 2016 when the British artists visited their creatives partners in Poland. This was followed by the mid-project exhibition in December, when the dozen or so “Connections” came together in London to renew relationships and further collaborations – proving also to be an opportunity for some new links to be forged!

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December 2016 – Connect: Katowice and London
Ply Gallery, London

Connect: has evolved so that there are now around 15 “Connections” working away (including some of the same groups as last year, with a few alternative combinations, and even a new face or two). We are so excited to present our second (and concluding) exhibition, coming soon from 2-17 June 2017 in Katowice, Poland.

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June 2017 – Connect: Katowice and London
Rondo Gallery, Katowice, Poland

We are all looking forward to share this final chapter of Connect: Katowice and London in Rondo Sztuki Gallery, Katowice, Poland from 2-17 June 2017. Hope to see you there!

Exhibition details

Connect: Katowice and London – Part 2

Connect: Katowice and London takes place in Rondo Sztuki Gallery, Rondo im. gen. Jerzego Ziętka 1, 40-001 Katowice, Poland from 28th May through 17th June 2017, with the PV wernisaż: 2nd June 2017, 19pm to 22pm

Click to see our Calendar page or view/download e-flyer below, with more details, including participating artists, dates, and more:


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